Case Studies

Idhayam Thotta En Sigichaigal
Life Saved “Critical Case Of Viral Hepatitis”


A four month old baby crying continuously was brought to me for treatment. Even after taking pain killing tablets, prescribed by a Pediatrician the baby did not stop crying.

When I tried to examine the baby it did not allow me for examination but was still crying. The parents of the baby also were crying which made me very sad. All the patients who were waiting in my clinic also got emotionally upset and prayed to God to stop the child's agony. Generally when a small baby weeps the cause may be due to stomach pain or pain in ear while I was in a fix the child suddenly urinated on the lap of its grandmother. The old lady told me the urine was hot like hot water.

I could imagine how mach pain the baby could feel if the urine was hot when it passed on the lap of the old lady. I also felt the burning feeling of irritation and pain in the urinary passage of the tender skinned child. I immediately diagnosed the reason for baby's cry. The child had wept due to irritation while passing urine. Apart from this the parents did not give water as per the advice of Pediatrician. I prescribed APISMEL 30 based on child's continuous screaming, not feeling thirsty and warm urination.

To my surprise the baby stopped crying within 3 minutes from the time of taking medicine APISMEL 30 is prepared from Bee's poison and it is the most effective medicine for irritation during urination.

This is a classic example that Homeopathy medicine is giving a fast and quick relief while prescribing the correct medicine at proper time and correct diagnose will work at greater pace than antibiotics.


A 26 year old lady living in U.S. was suffering from mental depression and had the habit of weeping always. Her main problem was splitting continuous head ache, nose blockage due to sinus and giddiness. She was unable to execute her daily routines due to above problems.
She was always bed ridden since she was afraid of falling down due to giddiness. She speaks a lot of her husband's earnings for consultation and treatment with ENT specialist and general medical practioners. Since she could not afford to spend more in U.S. she was sent to India for treatment. She came to India with mental agony and her state of poor health.
When she called on me I checked her blood test report, x ray, CT scan & I diagnosed she was suffering from sinus problem and DNS (Deviated Nasal Septum). There were no indications of sneezing but giddiness and nose blockage were prevalent. She always wore a dull complexion. I gave some medicines for 15 days base on the symptoms of mental depression and her ability to suppress her mental feelings. When she returned after 15 days she told there was 50% improvement in her mental stage.
She also expressed her fear that she was always in state of fear and preferred to stay at home while her relatives went on a picnic. Due to persistent giddiness there were several conflicts between her husband and the lady. She needs to hold her husband's shoulder while walking and she was not confident of walking alone without his support.
Apart from this she revealed vital information expressing that during giddiness she felt as if she was flying and not feeling like walking on the ground. She also told she used to talk without any relevance to the surroundings during giddiness. Based on this I gave LAC CANINUM 200 one dose and STICTA.P 30 and advised her to take 2 times daily for one week. After 15 days she spoke to me saying she recovered 98% in her mental and physical condition, and giddiness had totally stopped. She left for U.S. with great satisfaction with renewed vigor and vitality.


A man of about 35 years was suffering from neck pain, pain in muscles of right neck, shoulder, pain spreading from right arm to right fingers for 2 years. The pain subsided when he was lying on right side. He was unable to use right hand for lifting any objects. During sleep and after getting up from sleep giddiness was felt and this symptom increases during afternoon, when he got up from sleep.

The headache was prevalent if food was not taken at proper times. Indication of his behavior was he was easily getting irritated. Since he was in marketing profession he used to travel in his 2 wheeler several kilometers and he used to pass motion 2 or 3 times daily. He also informed the neck pain increased during nights and he could not sleep well. I diagnosed, through x ray he was suffering from cervical spondylosis.

I prescribed LYCOPODIUM IM 2 doses based on his physical and mental condition. After treatment the neck pain totally disappeared. It is a classical example the disease could be cured as faster time if proper medicines are prescribed at right time.[Two year problems cured in two doses of homoeo medicines.


One day a 14 year old girl was brought to me by her mother on an emergency basis. She complained for the past 2 days the hair from her daughter's head was falling as a cluster and the hair appeared to be cut by a scissor. It was a horrible sight to see the falling hair suddenly. The mother was always carrying a carry bag to collect the fallen hair.
The case had a strange phenomenon. There was no itching & dandruff in her head. There was a thin red line in a place. There could be no reason for this peculiar problem and I was completely puzzled. However I gave 2 medicines to arrest the hair fall. I also told the mother if there was no sign of improvement, I advised her to consult a skin specialist.
The skin specialist after examine the case, suggested for blood test. The mother and daughter approached me again and asked me whether the blood test was necessary. I requested them to wait for 2 more days and continue the medicine. After 2 days there was no major improvement and the scissored appearance of her presented a pathetic appearance.
The parents of the affected girl had not be recovered from the shock and fear. Next 2 days in face presented a picture of red lines as if drawn by sketch pencil. There were no signs of irritation, pain or itching in that spot. There was no blood on scratch. Both parents and myself were confused and again the parents went to skin specialist. But he advised them to go back to initial treatment of homeopathy in case there was encouraging signs of improvement.
I also could not diagnose the disease since it was totally strange and challenging. The relatives of the parents gave threatening indication this might be a devil's play. I ventured to treat the girl based on the symptoms. The lines were prominence on the right side of her face and less severe on left side. During morning the lines were less severe and they multiplied in greater proportions around the 4.00 P.M. while returning from the school.
I prescribed LYCOPODIUM 200 based on the above observations. After 3 days the lines started disappearing and falling of the hair was reduced . This procedure was repeated every 3 days, gradually the lines disappeared and the girl was free from all her discomfort with gradual growth of hair and she started her normal life. The astonishing fact in that girl was attending school regularly in spite of her affected head and face.


Several patients suffer from gall bladder stones. We should reason out the formation of stones in gall bladder.

The bile gets stored in the gall bladder for the people sitting always in the same place for hours together without any activity. The bile combine with a Bio Chemical CHOLESTRIN resulting in the formation of stone in gall bladder mostly ladies suffer with this type of disease than men.


Pain in right side of abdomen spreading towards chest and extend down to naval. When the pain increases vomiting, swoon, restlessness, sweating are some of the indications.

Homeopathy Medicines

CALCARIA CARB, CHELIDONIUM, CHINA, CHIANONTHUS, LYCOPODIUM, NUXVOMICA, BERBERIS VULGARIS, CARDUS MARIANUS, CHOLESTRINUM 3X, FELTAURI 3x are quite a few medicines effective in dissolving gall bladder stone. Select suitable medicines from the above depending upon patient's indications.

Gall bladder stone cure without operation

A student who came from Bihar (SKM) underwent treatment for sinus problem and cured by me. Now came for treatment to his 19 years old sister suffering from stone in gall bladder and discussed with me for dissolving the same through homoeopathy drugs.

His father was an allopathic doctor and he had planned to remove the stones through surgery, he wanted my promise whether I would be able to cure his sister without operation and in that case he would ask his father to postpone his sister's operation. He gave accurate description of his sister's ailment.

His sister while returning from college in the evening she used to walk holding the books in her left hand. During rubbing of the notebooks, pain had started. In short time the pain (gall stone colic) doubled up and she had to grip the stomach and bends forward which reduces her pain. She had hell of a problem while vomiting along with unbearable stomach pain. In her despair mood, she throws the objects breaking them and she rolled on the ground, kicking her legs and other limb due to extreme pain. Her father gave her a pain killer to reduce the pain at that time.

She suffered for about 5 times with the pain in the past 4 months. We prayed to god
she should not get the pain which would cause total disaster in the house. Scan report indicates multiple small calculi in the gall bladder.

Bases on the above symptoms I prescribed CHINA6, 4 pills for 3 times in a day and LYCOPODIUM 200 1 dose every 15 days.

After 15 days her father telephoned me informing the pain was less in the evening and asked me to send more medicines for additional days. He also postponed the surgery.

After 1 month there was no pain, digestion was good. I continued the medicines for further 2 months. The girl attended college without any problem and her father who was an allopathy doctor believed in homeopathy treatment.

After 4 months, in the scan reports there was no stone in the gall bladder.

This was a case which gave me immense satisfaction for having cured gall bladder stone without operation successfully.


28 years old friend of mine who was my school mate complained about head ache in right temporal for 3 years.

The head ache started at 9 a.m. daily and for the past 3 years the same condition existed. Based on his vital information that the head ache started at 9 a.m. regularly which worked as clock like periodicity I administered CEDRON 30 at the rate of 4 pills per dose.

My friend took 4 pills in the night before bed time. Next day the head ache did not return and in the successive days also he had no symptoms of head ache.

All the members in his family wondered about the medicine consumed in one dose only. I felt proud about the homeopathy medicine's greatness which miraculously cured the head ache of 3 years in one dose medicine.


A 56 years old woman was suffering from wheezing, cough and could not sleep for 8 years she happened to use asthalin puff 4 to 8 times per day. During each whooping she had the feeling of throat and chest contracted and could not inhale air inside only after loosening her dress covering her chest region, she was able to breathe freely. The wheezing had increased after her periods had stopped(Menopause). She was terribly afraid of nights when breathing become more difficult. I gave LACHESIS 200 one dose. It's a great remedy for ailments from menopause.

After 2 or 3 days due to sneezing,lot of Phlegm in multi colour came out through the nose & the woman felt free from asthma and did not use asthalin puff even for a day.

Eventhough more phlegm came out, she was totally relived from blockage of phlegm through her nose.

In the next consultation I gave her PLACEBO one day. She was extremely happy to inform me she did not suffer from asthma afterwards, after 3 months observation, the medicines stopped & she felt complete cure.

I met her unexpectedly in a function hall after 6 years. She was joyous while talking and she told me she used to consume ice cream, fruits and had no problem with weather conditions hot or cold climate. She was completely cured from asthma by taking homoeopathy one dose of medicine.


Normally fever lasts from 3 days to 10 days but I experienced a peculiar case.

A woman of 59 years came to me complaining about fever lasting for 3 years. The parents got fed up after several treatments with different allopathic doctors. As per their advices numerous tests were taken for confirmation of Typhoid, Dengue, and Malaria etc. But in all tests the results were negative. The patient was in a state of despair and was at a loss to know why she had to undergo so many complex treatments even though there was no indication of the presence of diseases like Malaria, Dengue or Typhoid. She hoped I was her last resort.

1st Consultation

The patient indicated the fever increased in the evening and night hours with suffering of body pain, heat feeling with eyes burning. I administered pulsatilla 200 - 6 doses. I stipulated to note down the readings of thermometer during morning, evening and night.

2nd Consultation

The lady told me there was no improvement in her health and the temperature did not come down. She also produced the readings taken. In the morning the temperature was 99o F and in the evening the temp was 100 – 101o F. The fever was on the measuring range from 4P.M. to 8 - 9 P.M. During night the body pain and eye irritation was also present. I prescribed LYCOPODIUM 200 - 6 doses.

3rd Consultation

The temperature got reduced in the morning 98o F. Body pain and eye irritation were not present. I repeated LYCOPUDIUM 200 – 3 doses and asked them to report after a week.

4th Consultation

Morning temperature was 97.6o F and evening temperature was 98.4o F and general health also improved. I gave SACLAC (Powder without medicine) 6 doses.

5th Consultation

All indications were on the normal range. I stopped the medicines. The lady and her husband were totally satisfied with our treatment and a case which renounced cureless for 3 years came to avoid through homeopathy treatment.


A girl of 19 suffering from severe stomach pain during periods was taken to me. She told her periods came 5–10 days delay but she had no problems 2 – 3 years after attaining puberty. Another peculiar symptom was she fainted unconsciously every 14 hours of during her periods. This happened invariably at all period during travel. I was curious to know her past in view of the extraordinary symptoms.

She narrated that she developed extreme affection towards the neighboring children with whom she used to play and enjoyed the time with total involvement one day the neighboring children left abroad. Leaving this girl in inexplicable despondency which resulted in mental depression causes severe stomach pain. Since she was unable to bear the separation,once she fainted in bus, the time was 14 hrs after her periods. The co passengers took her to her house after verifying her college ID card. Similar incident happened few months before. When she fell swooned in the toilet in the train while traveling with her parents. The parents underwent severe mental strain before bringing her from unconsciousness. They took her to several places like park, movies and other changing surroundings for diversion. But the effect was nil.
I administered PULS 200, CALC PHOS 6x.When she came after 15 days there was no visible change. I repeated PULS 200 2 times every 15 days. While I was referring my repertory for the complex issue of mental disorder and uncommon depression due to separation of loved ones, I selected PULSATILLA which is a unique medicine for mental agony, stomach disorder, etc. After a period of 8 months she was totally cured. Now she is married and living happily in abroad with 2 children.


A person of about 45 years who was traveling from Chennai to Bangalore in A/C compartment suddenly felt suffocation and he was unable to continue his journey, cried to stop the train. Since the train could not be stopped he opened the door in between two carriages and inhaled outside air to breathe easily. He always felt discomfort in traveling A/C train or bus.

He had a horrible experience once while traveling from Chennai to Madurai by bus and he was forced to get down in Perungalathur due to severe suffocation. He was obsessed with fear, tension, pulse heating along with intense suffocation while ascending and descending in lift. Another complication was suffering from vertigo when he was in top of the buildings, hill top and gripped with phobia resulting in fear, giddiness, increase heart beat.

He avoided traveling by air when his family party planned to visit Hongkong due to aero phobia. Based on the symptoms of his mental disturbance and other indications causing instability to his behavior, I prescribed constitutional medicine ARGENTUM NITRILUM 200 in addition to PULSATILLA at regular intervals.

After this treatment there were signs of improvement in his mental approach and he had the courage to travel in A/C Bus/ Train. As an experimental attempt he travelled from Chennai to Tuticorin successfully. He also travelled in A/C train covering distance of 350 K.M without any inconvenient. He got rid of Claustrophobia completely and now he is eager to fly to foreign land.


A wealthy women of 26 years old was suffering from continuous cough suffocation, allergy to AC and was coughing without interval while her head was in slanting position .She consulted many chest specialist & consumed several cough syrups with no effect. Due to excessive intake of antibiotic her mouth was full of ulcer and she passed every night sleeplessly due to nonstop cough .Given foreign imported drugs were tried and different brands of inhalers were experimented but there was no relief. Finally she decided to go for homoeopthy treatment. When I visited the house the scene was quite unhealthy, has various household comfortable cusion bed, centralised A/C etc., but the lady could not enjoy peaceful sleep .Whenever the head touches the pillow she starts to cough, on that symptom base I was carried the medicine Causticum 200.

I gave one does of the above medicine and asked them to collect remaining medicines next day. The astonishing fact was the lady who spent 23 sleepless nights slept peacefully after taking one dose of the medicine. All members of her family were totally relieved from anxiety.

And I realized the magic mantra of Vedanta Maharishi's "Vaalga Valamudan" and transformed it to " VAALGA VAZHA + NALAMUDAN"

Idhayam Thotta En Sigichaigal

Life Saved
“Critical Case Of Viral Hepatitis”

Age/Sex: 30/M
Ref.No: G 968/14

1st VISIT, Date:8.11.14

In a critical position a person came from a well known hospital in the city with criticality and complaints of fever since 15 days, he was admitted in the hospital and he was not recovered from his complaint. Day by day his condition was worsen and so he was referred to another hospital, at the time the patient came to Homoeo consultation here. Temp-100.7F. Bitter taste in mouth with loss of appetite. Pain in stomach which increased after eating and drinking. He also complaints of allergic lesions with bleeding over face after fever. Puffiness over face with swelling of both eyelids.
Vomitting since 2 days worse after eating with nausea.
Sleeplessness, weakness, tiredness, body pain and joint pain present. BP:120/80 mm of Hg. Wt:85kgs.

  • Investigations: Date: 29.10.14
  • Bun-12, Creat-0.8, SGOT-322, SGPT-323
  • Urine:PC-4-6. RBC-1-2.Protein-Trace. MP/MF & Dengue- IgG-Negative.
  • USG: Mild Spleenomegaly (12.5cm)
  • Date:29.10.14 - ECG- Non-Specific ST abnormality
  • Date:8.11.14 - SGOT-700, SGPT-372. Anti HCV-Negative. Platelet-92,000.


  • 1. Nux vom 200 6d 2 hourly.
  • 2. Crotalus horridus 30 1 dram 4 pills -2 hourly.
  • 3. Chelidonium Q ½ oz 10-10-10 A/F.

  • 2nd VISIT Date:10.11.14

    • Fever aggravated at night.
    • Investigations: Date: 10.11.14
    • Platelet-87,000, SGOT-239.1, SGOT-220.5
    • ALP- 205.6, GGT- 109.9
    • Rx

    • 1. Lyco 200 6dose 2 hourly.
    • 2. FP 6x 2- 2 hourly.
    • 3. Crotalus hor 30 5dose 2 hourly.

    • 3rd VISIT Date:12.11.14

      Throat pain aggravated by swallowing saliva. Left abdominal pain and pain along spine. Temp:99 F with chill internally.

      • Temp:99 F with chill internally.
      • Investigations: Date: 12.11.14
      • Hb-14, Platelet-1,32,000, SGOT-212.7, SGPT-711.5, ALP-102.9, GGT-101.7.
      • Rx

      • 1. Lachesis 200 3dose 2hourly.
      • 2. Chin sulph 30 1 dram 4 pills - 1hrly.

      • 4th VISIT Date:14.11.14

        Patient feels better.

      • Investigations: Date: 14.11.14
      • Hb-13.8, Platelets-1,45,000, SGOT-176.1, SGPT- 640.2, GGT-74.3.
      • Urine: Albumin-Trace, RBC-3-5, PC-4-6.
      • Rx

      • 1. Lachesis 200 3dose 2hourly.
      • 2. China 6 1 dram 4 pills- 2hourly.

      • 5th VISIT DATE:17.11.14

        Throat pain worse by drinking water. Leg pain with swelling. Backache and neck pain present.

      • Tiredness. Stool-Black.
      • Investigations: Date: 16.11.14
      • Hb-13.4, Platelet-1,89,ooo, Protein-4.4, Alb-2.5, SGOT-155.1, SGPT-616.9, ALP-69.9, GGT-66.2.
      • Rx

      • 1. Merc cor 200 7d 2hourly.
      • 2. Leptandra 30 1dram 4- 2hrly.

      • 6th VISIT Date:18.11.14

        Throat pain reduced, Black stool normal. Swelling present.

      • Jugular venous pulse prominent.
      • Investigations: Date: 18.11.14
      • FOL: Bilateral vocal cord mobile. Anterior 1/3rd minimal congestion.
      • CPK-605, BUN-8, SGOT-505, SGPT-146, ALP-80, Protein-4.7, Albumin-2.5
      • Rx

      • 1. Lyco 200 6d 1-1-1 B/F
      • 2. MP 6x 3 – 2hourly

      • 7th VISIT Date:22.11.14

        Swelling of Elbows. Opisthotonus – spine bending backward, limbs uncontrollable, spine sensitive with moaning / delirium, photomania.

      • Investigations: Date: 21.11.14
      • SGOT-355, SGPT-109, ALP-72.
      • Rx

      • 1. Stramonium 200 6d 1-1-1 B/F
      • 2. Arnica 200 ½ dram 4-4-4 B/F
      • 3. Chelidonium Q ½ oz 10-10-10 A/F.

      • 8th VISIT Date:24.11.14

        Fever increased again with elevation of CPK and joints pain present.

      • Investigations: Date: 24.11.14
      • Platelet-2,75,000, BUN-5, Creat-0.6, ALP-70, CPK-4891, SGOT-256, SGPT-90.
      • Rx

      • 1. Lyco 200 5d 2hourly
      • 2. Rhus tox 30 1 dram 4-2hrly

      • 9th VISIT Date:02.12.14

        Fever and CPK level reduced. But Oedema in both legs.

      • Investigations: Date: 28.11.14
      • SGOT-172, SGPT-73, Protein-5.3, Alb-2.8, BUN-4, Creat-0.7.
      • Date: 2.12.14 CPK-1778, SGOT-124, SGPT-64.
      • Rx

      • 1. Lyco 200 5d 1-1-1 B/F
      • 2. KC 200 4d 1-1-1 B/F
      • 3. Lecithin 6 1 dram 4-4-4 B/F

      • 10th VISIT Date:16.12.14

        Patient feels better. Body pain & Tiredness. BP:100/70. Wt:79kg.

      • Investigations: Date: 15.12.14
      • CPK-1147, SGOT-87, SGPT-38, BUN-3, Hb-11.8, TC-7,600, DC(E)-14, Platelet-2,80,000.
      • Rx

      • 1. Nux vom 200 6dose 1-1-1 B/F
      • 2. Lecithin 6 2 dram 4-4-4 B/F
      • 3. Chelidonium Q ½ oz 10-10-10 A/F

      • 11th VISIT Date:05.01.15

        Better. Wt:77kg.

      • Investigations: Date: 05.01.14
      • CPK-305.
      • Rx

      • 1. Nux vom 200 3d 1-1-1 B/F
      • 2. CP 6x 3-3-3 A/F

      • 12th VISIT Date:13.01.15

        Sudden increase in fever and headache, worse by riding the bike in cold open air.


      • 1. Bry 200 1 dram 4 pills-1 hourly
      • 2. Aconite 30 1 dram 4 pills-1 hourly

      • 13th VISIT Date:20.01.15

        Fever and headache reduced. Tiredness present. BP: 110/70.


      • 1. Lyco 200 6d 1-1-1 B/F
      • 2. Chelidonium Q ½ oz 10-10-10 A/F

      • 14th VISIT Date:05.02.15

        Fever reduced. Dyspnoea increased by walking fast. Pain in both soles worse by walking.


      • 1. Lyco 200 3d 1-1-1 B/F
      • 2. Eup perf. 200 1 dram 4 2hourly
      • 3. Chelidonium Q ½ oz 10-10-10 A/F

      • 15th VISIT Date:16.03.15

        Better. Joint pains worse by climbing stairs. BP: 110/70. Otherwise he is better in all aspects.


      • 1. Causticum 200 6d 1-1-1 B/F
      • 2. Rhus tox 30 1 dram 4-4-4 B/F
      • 3. MP 6x 3-3-3 A/F.

      • Completely recovered and joined in duty with Medical Fitness Certificate.



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