I visited madan homeo clinic in the year of 2000 (At the age of 13 years) for Allergic and Wheezing. After to visits i am totally cured at that time. After 18 years i visited the same clinic for the same issue. I happened to notice they still maintain the record of my previous visits in 2000. I am Shocked and appreciated the management. Its been 2 weeks i started the homeo medicine again. I am feeling better now than before. Thanks to Dr Jayakumar, Madan homeo for his excellent treatment and support to their patients.


Dr. M.R. Jayakumar as his name itself is self explanatory of 'Jayam' 'Success' 'Victory' in all his endeavours we can observe the team work in his hospital. The co-ordination and co-operation among all his assistants in various levels to discharge their duties itself is a great assest to him. Team work always divides the effort and multiplies the effect. Dynamic work cannot but yield spectacular results. My daughter had severe breathing problem with persistant cough. Sometimes she found it difficult to breathe also. This problem continued for three decades. Doctors with vast experience, with great reputation from different branches of medicine failed to cure her. The antibiotics, Steroids given by them on trial and error basis resulted in severe side effects. These medicines reduced her immunity to the extent that the highest dosage of medicines also had no curing effect on her. Atlast we understood that "the two greatest healers are time and rod" So the time for proper treatement came from rod through Dr. Jayakumar By taking medicines (Homeopathy) since one year, She finds a lot of improvement in her health.

Due to severe drastic change in climate, She suffers a lot sometimes even now. She gets her medicines for this problem also by explaining the doctor over phone. The medicine is delivered within twenty four hours (24 hours) through courier we Hope, Wish and pray the Almighty she gets complete recovery from the problem the prayer is extended to all his patients also Regarding myself I am sixty five years old. Other than Psoriosis since 15 years (fifteen) I am very healthy. As usual treatement from various doctors suppressed the ailment from further aggrevation. Atlast I met Dr. Jayakumar and started taking medicine from him since six (6) months. Now my health is improving gradually. Though there is a Common assumption that Psoriosis can never be completely cured, But can be kept under control may be proved false in future. Let us change our path of treatment for all our ailments to 'HOMEOPATHY' we were soon recognise that though it takes more time, It (findout) diagonise the root cause of the ailment, treat it and confirms no reacurance. The medicines are sweet in taste, easy to take with affordable rate. Above all they have zero side effects on the body. After reading this hope many may get benefited.

Mrs. Indra Viswanathan
White field
Bengaluru - 67.

As our family doctor, you were kind enough to suggest preventive dosages for all of us for chikungunya when it was causing concern to entire population of Chennai city, when it was excellently working for us, as a good will gesture, i shared your/our experience with my colleagues at my office, via. MODFUR SYSTEMS (Jayabharatham Furniture Group). Many in our office should interest or this preventive medicine and i collected nearly 40-45 dosages and gave it to all during 2008-09

It is my pleasure to declare that none of them was attacked by 'chikungunya' and everybody was very happy. This success story was extended to HINI virus also. Because of your service and successful preventive dosages, I have become referral point for Homoeopathic Medicine in our office. Many thanks to your Concerns and initiatives to control these viruses among the public.
We all wish you many more successful years in human


God Bless You!

K.S. Ganesan
Sales Manager
(Jayabharatham Furniture Group)

I am Raghavenran, residing at T.G Nagar, Nanganallur, Chennai 61.

I was severly attacked by chikungunya in the year 2009. There was swelling in both the leg ankles with unbearable pain. I was not able to do any of my routine work, even walking was with the assistance of my wife only. I was treated by manyDoctors, but there was no improvement. The pain started increasing, I was really very much worried whether I will be able to come back to normal.

At this juncture,I heard about Madan Homoeo Clinic at Nanganallur, who have been treating quite a number of patients suffering from chikungunya. I met Dr. Uma Jayakumar, who gave a very patient bearing about my case and diagnosed the exact root cause of the pain, excess of CRP factor in the blood. She immediately put me on to the right medicines and the swelling started receding. Today, I am back to normal and attending all my routines as usual.

She is a very pleasing, soft spoken and an excellent doctor. Though I have not consulted Dr. Jayakumar, I have met him. He is also an excellent doctor and person. He has treated my wife for various problems. She is now absolutely normal.
We Wish both Dr. Jayakumar and Dr. Uma Jayakumar

all the very best.

Raghavendran & Revathi
Head-Admin, & Faculties
HMA Group of Companies

Myself and my family members took preventive medicines for chikungunya from Dr. N.R. Jayakumar at Madan Homoeo Clinic. I also got medicines for staffs. Nearly 25 members were given the preventive medicines and only one person is affected. He was also treated for chikungunya and within three days he got completly cured and relieved from his ailmentsand went back to routine life from fifth day onwards. Thanks to Dr. N.R. Jayakumar for giving such a wonderful treatment in curative and prevention of chikungunya.We all were saved from chikungunya fever.

Rajan, B.B.A.,B.L.,
Titan Watch Showroom
Rajan Enterprises

During the epidermic of chikungunya fever on 2006-07, I got preventive medicine from Dr. N.R. Jayakumar in Madan Homoeo Clinic for my family members, relatives and friends. Nearly 50 members took the medicine and we got excellent prevention against that chikungunya attack.

Thanks to Dr. N.R. Jayakumar for the excellent service

in the prevention of chikungunya
Ex. Service Man
8th Street, Parthasarathy Nagar,
Adambakkam, Chennai 88.


During the epidermic of chikungunya fever on 2006-07, I got preventive medicine from Dr. N.R. Jayakumar in Madan Homoeo Clinic for my family members, relatives and friends. Nearly 50 members took the medicine and we got excellent prevention against that chikungunya attack.

Mr. R. Veeramani
(Chairman - Gem Group of Companies)
President - The southern India chamber of Commerce and Industry
President - Indo - Japan chamber of Commerce and Industry

Now a days I am giving "Madan Homeo Family Kit to my friends as a valuable gift instead of giving Bouquets"..

Mrs. Shoba Chandrasekar

I did not bother about the health of my family members at any time. It may be in my presence or absence in the family because we are having "Madan Homeo Family Kit" in our hands. It may take care of the health care of my family members and myself. This kit is very helpful to me and my family at any cost of time since it is portable and can be carried along with us wherever we go.

Mrs. Rajan, B.B.A., B.L.,
Dealers of Titan Watches
Rajan Enterprises
West Mambalam
Chennai - 45.

This Kit is very useful which gives first aid to my family members in emergency time before reaching the doctor. This kit is helpful in solving the problems which starts in odd hours of any time Day or Night.

Mrs. Hema Jain & Mr. Ajay Jain
Deputy General Manager
Chennai - 45.

The Homeo Kit is a complete kit giving immediate relief from most of the symptoms. We find it as a first aid kit giving us the doctors personal touch providing direction and treatment.

Mr. Ramasamy
Area Sales & Customer Manager
Hindustan Lever Limited
Chennai - 28

We were advised to take different kind of tablets and medicine along with scanning for once 6 months by Allopathy Doctors. After advised of my colleague Shri. P. Karunakaran we consulted Dr. N.R. Jayakumar in this regards. My wife was given 6 months medicines. On completion of 6 months treatment, the fibroid (tumour) has been disappeared completely.

We felt like anything great surprised and we were so happy. The way of treatment by Dr. N.R. Jayakumar is something different and great. We are very much greatful to him, thanks a lot doctor.

Mr & Mrs. N. Gnanavel

Mr.P. Magesh

I live in US. My son, Arjun ,was having recurring ear infections and the doctors in US treated him with medicines and advised him surgery in case he gets ear infection again. I spoke yo my mother who lives in Chennai about this problem. She ,on seeing an ad of Dr.Madan homoeo clinic, spoke to the doctor over phone and he promised a sure cure for this condition in homoeopathy and advised her to come in person to collect the medicines.

In the meantime, I also aprraised the doctor over phone in detail about the sufferings of my then 4 year old son due to the above problem. He arranged to send the medicines to US through courier. I even was able to pay online for the medicines.( Medicines were sent right away without waiting for my payment).

To my utter happiness and satisfaction, my son was totally cured of this problem after consuming the medicines as advised by the doctor. He is 7 now and I am glad that he has been out of the pain of ear infection 3 years now.

I thank Dr.Madan for helping us in time of need.

Sunitha Manikandan

My younger daughter is now 1 year old. She didn't sleep deeply in the night for past 5 months. We tried different ways of solidfoods. But still it did not work out. Because of that I lost sleep in the night completely and morning i need to get up because i have to go to office and send my elder daughter to the school.

My friend suggested me to take my younger daughter to the doctor. I decided to take her to Madan Homeo clinic.   I spoke to Dr Jayakumar, he listened to me patiently and gave medicine for 3 weeks. Now my daughter sleeps continuously for 7 to 8 hours in the night. Its a miracle in my life.Thank you very much Doctor.




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